Miche Scott Handmade

1983 Handmade Soap


Delight in the luxurious experience of our 1983 handmade soap, meticulously crafted with a nourishing blend of rich shea butter, soothing buttermilk, and creamy coconut milk. Its fragrance is an exquisite harmony of floral and woody notes, evoking the essence of a blooming garden with a touch of warm, earthy depth.

Our handmade soap's sumptuous lather gently transforming your daily routine into an indulgent ritual of relaxation and sensory pleasure. Ideal for daily use, our 1983 soap is a celebration of self-care, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and delicately scented.

Top notes:  osmanthus, African orange flower, bergamot

Middle notes: musk and amber

Base notes: vetiver, vanilla, and patchouli.