Products Made by Hand

It all begins with a dream and an unshakable conviction that we can choose better. A drive for something more. To create a product provided by nature, an intentional mood board pinned from the art of minimalism to the courageous creatives and everything in between. A wash-off product washing off the stress of the day.

Tales of Handmade Soap

Curated Composition

With several years of experience, research and development, our founder, Miche Scott has vast knowledge regarding soap making and formulation. She also has a profound interest in sustainability and environmental impact.

Our products are developed with minimalism at their core and the passion to eliminate a long list of unnecessary complex ingredients in pursuit of high-quality handmade soaps. Inspired by nature and personal intimate expression, our handmade soaps bring out natural shades, finishes and textures promoting soft earthy tones and contemporary hues.

It is our belief that the beauty and the sustainability of our products are anchored in its simplicity.

Technique & Process

In alignment with our minimalist mindset, we craft our handmade soaps in small scale production at a sustainable pace.

True soap is the combination of fats or oils and alkali, such as lye, a solution of water and Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH ). Lye is an important ingredient in soap making. Without it, there is no soap. The lye reacts with the fats or oils, turning it into a soap. Although we use it in the beginning, no lye stays on the finish product.

With careful processing method, our handmade soaps allow crystallization to coalesce into a more organized and structured soap molecules. The formation of solid crystals and liquid-soap mixture undergoes chemical changes producing a natural glycerin that is often missing in commercial soap.

Natural and Wild Harvested

Our ingredients cannot be labelled as organic because they are non-agricultural and are harvested primarily in nature or in the wild. We do not compromise on quality. Our ingredients do not contain toxic pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or genetically modified organisms. Our small-scale suppliers do not have the capacity or economics to certify, however, they still follow the same high standards as organic farming. It is important for Miche Scott Handmade to support small businesses.

We're thrilled to have these beautifully packaged soaps on offer in our perfumery. The floral fragrances are fresh, modern, and beautifully blended. As an added bonus, the maker is local to us. Shipping was timely and customer service is excellent.

- Erica, PA, USA

These little beauties are my daily indulgence. A simple way to treat yourself without being extravagant. They come so beautiful packaged; you can see the love and warmth that they bring. Which makes having extra on hand for gifting, a must!

- Shearry W., USA