Founder's Notes

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” - Carl Sagan

Between the narration of wishful thinking and moments that effortlessly breathe, I allowed myself to wander and wonder. I have been making handmade soaps since 2013. A kind woman who I met at the Dubai Sunday market shared generously her knowledge of how to make handmade soaps. She didn’t give me recipes, instead, she taught me how to formulate my own. And just like that, I embarked on this wonderful journey of soap making.

It didn’t start clear- I was in haze, going through the high of soap making. I bought so many luxury oils, fragrances and essential oils, everything that my greedy hands could get. Oh, the madness of it all! Our small loft apartment smelled like a concoction of potions and spells, and I am wickedly delighted as I unfold every new chapter of soap making.

Suddenly, I found myself as a trailing spouse living in Mumbai then Kuala Lumpur. Being a trailing spouse breaks your heart differently. It creeps up on you, slowly erasing your identity until you are no longer you, all the while the world only see the woman who brunches. The ache to battle isolation and loneliness was a strange space to be in between.

The gift of working with my hands was my saving grace. It quieted my mind and cleared the cobwebs of thoughts in my head. Connecting with NGOs and teaching them how to make handmade soap was a revelation. It was at this moment that I realized we give not because we have plenty, but because we know how it feels to have none. I learned to connect to another human being without seeing their titles, the roles they play or the status they possess, an extraordinary gift I received from strong resilient women.

2020 was a year of change – a year that forced us to go back to basics, back to family, back to our own definition of home, back to our raw self, back to choosing to see the world with kindness. The years of madness weren’t madness at all; It was a process I had to go through in order to rediscover the beauty of simplicity. The principles of minimalism paved the way to understanding how little we truly need and this reflects in the fiber of our products.

Hence, at Miche Scott Handmade, we keep it simple. There is a certain freedom in knowing you are grounded in the lessons learned and stories magically shared. It is our inherent wish that each handmade products fills a desire to be something more.

Using Miche Scott handmade soap was like an experience on its own. The smell, the feel on the skin, the beauty for the eyes, and knowing that everything is done with natural ingredients and care for our earth makes it even more special. I now plan to get some more for my friends, it's indeed a simple and yet very beautiful moment of self-care to offer to loved ones.

- Amel Derragui, NY, USA

I purchased the set as a gift for my sister for Valentine’s Day. The packaging is so beautiful—from the paper, tissue, twine, and wax seal. So much time & care went into everything and you can tell this biz loves what they do. The package even included a few extra soap samples. They smell heavenly. I know it will brighten her day. I will definitely be back to shop! 💕

- Mary L., USA

"Life is short, be wild and adventurous!No one said you only have to use handmade soap one at a time."

- Miche Scott